Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures in Phoenix, AZ

Partial Dentures for Missing Teeth

Your teeth are a valuable gift of nature. They are valuable for eating solid foods, provide you with a lovely smile, and help you to communicate properly. Oral health affects your overall health and well-being as well. However, unfortunate events can happen. And these are very likely to cause you pain. You may lose one or several teeth as a result of an extraction, or an accident, ailment, or due to oral health that is continually poor.

Removal of the teeth results to gaps that can make a person look awkward or unpleasant. Our expert dentists have lots of solutions in addition to procedures, regardless if the patient is missing one, if not most of his or her natural teeth. Artificials may be semi or else complete (traditional), which depends on how many of the missing ones must be replaced. Partial dentures are helpful in restoring your ability for chewing and eating, and also your smile. They as well retain your facial contours, minimize risk of gum problems, and keeps the teeth from shifting. Additionally, they help to release excessive stress from your jaw.

Such a dental service is applied when a patient has lost only one, otherwise a few teeth in succession. The number of False Teeth needed are made on a metallic frame that only seals the gap. As an alternative, the base maybe fashioned from gum colored plastic and can even be bendable. These artificials get support from the adjacent good teeth either with the use of wire clasps or else attaching to the crowns of the supporting teeth. Whenever wire clasps are utilized, the patient is able to remove the fixture and reinsert it after cleaning and others. On the other hand, fixed false teeth are referred to as bridges. They must be produced from acrylic material in a color that matches the lingering healthy teeth.


Partial Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures

Full and partial dentures serve distinct needs. When just a few teeth require replacement, the benefits of one outweigh the value of the other. Below are the key differences

  • Traditional Completes will be used whenever a patient is missing most of his or her teeth in the jaw. Partial sets are used to replace a couple, if not three straight teeth within the jaw.

  • These are beneficial when it comes to retaining the remaining natural teeth. Only teeth that had been lost are replaced. Full sets are going to get rid of any natural teeth in the jaw.

  • They may either be fixed or removable. In the first case, these are referred to as bridges. Dental bridges may likewise be supported on implants, in which case these are called implant-supported bridges. A complete set is essentially removable.

  • This type of prosthetics is more affordable, whereas a full set is apparently more expensive.

  • Retention along with stability of the semi prosthetic is considerably greater compared to its traditional counterpart because it gets support from the neighboring natural teeth and also from the oral soft tissues plus the jawbone. However, a traditional set is totally dependent on the soft tissues together with the jaw bone for its retention.


Materials used for Partial Dentures

Different kinds of removable  partials are made with the use of different materials. You, together with your dentist, are going to decide which type is most comfortable, most appealing, and also most affordable.. You can take your pick from these types as follows:

  • Cast Metal Removable – This one happens to be the most common type of all. Benefits of the cast is that its good strength as well as durability. Attachment on the support teeth is through metallic wire clasps, and additionally aesthetic attachments are going to be more expensive. The cast metal type will last for many years as long as it is properly taken care of.

  • Acrylic Removable – Otherwise referred to as a “flipper,” it is the most affordable form. It is regarded as inferior in comparison to the semi denture cast metal type. The reason being that the acrylic base needs to be thick as well as bulky, so as to reduce the risk of breakage. It makes use of metal clasps for attaching to the support teeth that can be seen when talking or smiling. In general, the flipper offers a temporary solution as preparation of the actual restoration is still being completed. But people will be able to wear them for several years.

  • Flexible – The flexible provides a convenient solution for those who find the cast metal and acrylic’s rigid base uncomfortable. The base is thinner and uses heat sensitive as well as flexible nylon material. Its clasps are fashioned from thin wires that are gum colored, and these are used to fill the spaces in-between the existing teeth. So, it is really comfortable and appears very natural, and can be worn for an extensive time.

  • Fixed Bridge – A fixed bridge is a great restoration fixture for an individual who requires replacement for a single tooth or a couple of teeth. It comes with artificial teeth that has a crown on both sides and supported by the healthy teeth. The teeth chosen for the crowns has to be trimmed a bit in order to accommodate the crown’s thickness. By the name itself, this type of prosthetic is fixed. The fixed bridge is brushed as well as flossed just like natural teeth, in addition to the space below the teeth that must be cleaned as well. This is going to increase the chances for those teeth to become more sensitive. In order to prevent this, Maryland bridge creates a direct attachment to the support teeth, although as a consequence it is not very aesthetically pleasing. All of the preceding descriptions are mainly for partial front teeth dentures. Whenever the back molars need to be artificial, only a single side maybe able to provide support and the patient may have to use a cantilever bridge.

  • Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge – This type of fixed bridge does not require damaging the remaining teeth for the attachment. An implant, otherwise implants, functions like the root of the natural tooth in the jaw bone. The number is not restricted to a couple or three teeth. Since there are enough implants screwed to the bone of the jaw at locations as well as angulations, which are well calculated, a full mouth restoration or full arch can be created, and this can really be appealing. Indeed, the lower jaw requires more implants than the upper jaw. An implant supported bridge offers a fixed solution, without the limitations of traditional false teeth. As such,an implant supported bridge, along with the complete prosthetic teeth, is turning out to be very popular even if they are more expensive.

We recommend our implant supported fixed or removable services because they are not just very durable, but these prostheses are likewise very comfortable, plus they look and feel like natural teeth. But, in our dental practice, we will assist you to decide which dental service is  most suitable for you.


Our Experienced Dentists Will Help You With Your New Set of New Teeth

At the same time, according to “Denture use is associated with lower chances of musculoskeletal frailty among older Americans.” Having a set of false teeth that were made by inexperienced dentists may not result in as harsh a prognosis, but will certainly cause continued discomfort for a long time and also social embarrassment. Getting a lovely new smile that has good functionality for chewing as well as speaking is truly important, although it can be quite expensive. When opting for the current fashionable implant supported bridges, it becomes especially important to find a dentist who is altogether qualified, experienced, has a distinguished reputation, and is very capable of replacing your natural ones without the need for you to undergo major surgeries as well as teeth extractions. We are not only going to help find the best option you can have, but will also assist with any of your questions or concerns as regards the cost and also treatment you are going to have in the process.


Partial Dentures Phoenix, AZ

You can get partial replacement teeth, which is most comfortable, along with a positive experience in Phoenix, AZ. Let us provide you with a perfect smile! We can positively declare that you will be well taken care of! So, drop by today and allow us to provide you with the dental treatment that you truly deserve!

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