Same Day Dental Implants

Same Day Dental Implants in Phoenix, AZ

Dental Implants in One Day?

Are you unhappy with your dentures? Do you wish there was a more convenient and permanent replacement option for missing teeth? What if you could replace those unsightly missing teeth with incredible looking restorations in one day? If you want the answers to these questions, we have the answers. Modern dentistry offers treatment that will allow you to eat and speak naturally again, and it lets you smile again on the same day! For a single tooth, multiple, or even a full mouthful of teeth, restoring them in just one appointment is possible. Restoring your teeth in one day is truly the most convenient of any restoration available.

Implants are titanium posts of differing shapes and sizes (diameter & length) that are placed into the jawbone and serve as an artificial root. After insertion, they are allowed to heal and integrate into the jawbone , also known as osseointegration.  When completely healed, a suitable dental prosthesis is then connected to the root, which becomes the crown of the prosthetic tooth. Conventional ones need a period of weeks to finalize but same day implants are done in just one visit to the dentist. You can then enjoy your favorite foods again as soon as they are placed. We completely get that our patients find it impossible to wait for days, even weeks, to get a missing tooth replaced. With that in mind, we offer high quality permanent teeth replacements so that they will never need to be without teeth, not even for one day.


Same Day Procedure

  • Before Your Same Day Placement Appointment – before your appointment for a permanent tooth procedure, our expert dentist will carry out an oral examination to ensure that you are a suitable candidate. They will also view your X-ray, CT scan and 3D digital imaging reports to see what the volume of your jawbone is and where the artificial roots will be placed. These images also help the dentist plan the angulation and position of where the new roots will be  ahead of your appointment so that things go smoothly on the day of your appointment.

  • On the Day of Your Appointment – The abutment, temporary crown, and all required tools will be ready. As this is a  surgical procedure, anesthesia will be administered before the process begins. Depending on how long the surgery is expected to last, the dentist might choose  local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Once you are pain-free, the dentist will make an incision within the soft tissues over the jawbone. Holes will then be drilled into the bone and the new roots will be placed into position by using precise and controlled force. Finally, prefabricated crowns will be attached to the implants.

    Both traditional and the same day dental restorations are suitable for permanently replacing missing teeth. Conventional restorations require a few weeks after placing the artificial tooth, to make sure bone grows properly around them so that they are held firmly in position. Because of advances in modern surgical skills and techniques, restorations can also be immediately placed so the patient does not have to wait longer than necessary. We are nearby to help you with these options.

Why get Them?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider switching from dentures to dental implants in a day:

  • No Need to Wait – We can attend to any decayed or damaged teeth and plan for their replacement so that you can have them all done in one day.

  • Durability – Removable dentures require repair or replacement more often than implants. If properly cared for they can be expected to last a lifetime.

  • Natural Feeling – They act very close to natural teeth and once inserted, they will feel natural, especially when you have the foods you enjoy.

  • Conservation of Jaw Bone Volume – Removable dentures do not prevent resorption of the jaw bone but implants do. They even promote bone formation around them, which keeps the strength of your jawbone.

  • No Need for Removal – Implants are permanent and will never need to be removed. Their  hygiene is just like for your natural teeth and simply require a regular brush and floss routine.

  • Enjoy Your Favorite Foods – You can eat all of your favorite foods. Even right away.


Tooth Replacement Options

Whether you need just one tooth replaced or several, or even your whole mouth, teeth in a day is a fast and reliable tooth replacement treatment.

  • Single Missing Tooth Replacement – A single missing tooth will be replaced in one visit.

  • Multiple Missing teeth – Multiple missing teeth are replaced with the assistance of an implant supported removable or fixed denture.

  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation – Permanent dentures will replace a full mouth of missing teeth.

  • All on Four Hybrid Dentures – Four posts are placed in each jaw which then supports a complete denture to restore a whole edentulous arch.


Same Dental Implants Phoenix, AZ

At Institute For Advanced Dentistry Implants, we can provide immediate dental implants. The team strives to make sure every patient feels comfortable during every facet of treatment, and ultimately walks out of our office with the smile they desire. We are known for the best, low cost tooth replacement treatment in Phoenix, AZ. Take a moment to give us a call or come by our office, if you have questions about cost, dental insurance, or making an appointment to fit your schedule.