All on 4 Dental Implants

All on 4 Dental Implants in Phoenix, AZ

Living without your natural teeth is a difficult task. Things can worsen even further if you decide to have removable dentures as a replacement for your missing teeth. Regardless of the time and effort put into the dentures they will never be similar to your original and natural teeth. Therefore what is the solution? We are offering full mouth rehabilitation services to our patients with the use of implant-supported permanent dentures. In order to make your new teeth look and feel like your natural teeth, we do everything to the best of our abilities.


What Are All on Four Implants

All on 4 (5, 6, 7, or 8) implants are titanium metal posts or screws that are inserted surgically into the jawbone beneath the gums. After they heal and they provide your dentist an opportunity to mount your new teeth on them. An all-on-x fixed prosthesis is the ultimate method to permanently replace your missing teeth, using as many as eight implants in each jaw. Support for a complete set of dentures will be available from just four. However, you can have your permanent restorations placed on 4 to 8 roots in each jaw according to your needs. The full mouth prosthesis will look and feel just like your original teeth, giving you the ability to eat and speak without limitations.


How Do They Work?

When you opt for a new permanent prosthesis you can have all on four, all on five, all on six, or all on eight artificial roots inserted in each jaw. They are capable of supporting a removable or fixed set of dentures. The most commonly used by most people is the all on four process. These are the type where two new roots are inserted in the front of the jaw. The other two are inserted in the back at a 45° angle. Six or even eight roots may be inserted in the jaw in circumstances where additional support and retention for the prosthesis is needed. However, this is not a common practice because the higher number of titanium posts will need a greater volume and thickness of the jawbone.


Can I Get Permanent Dentures?

People that are seeking to replace their missing teeth with dental implants are usually suitable candidates for receiving any form of the prosthesis.

Fixed dentures can be considered excellent in the following cases:

  • For Complete Mouth Reconstruction — are you looking for a complete mouth rehabilitation for your upper and or lower jaw? We recommend a  permanent multiple tooth prosthesis for dentures that need support. They can replace an entire set of teeth with beautiful new restorations.

  • For a Complete Smile Makeover — do you want to enhance the beauty of your smile again? This could be your best opportunity to impress people with your new smile. For lost teeth, they are the most ideal oral restoration.

  • For Entirely Reabsorbed Bone — if your jawbone does not have the thickness needed it will be impossible to place conventional implants in your mouth. In such cases, providing a complete mouth restoration with full prosthesis is a feasible option and is preferred over other alternatives of tooth replacement.

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The Procedure of Full Mouth Restoration

The fabrication and placement of an all on 4, 5, 6, or 8 is conducted in two phases. The first phase entails the placement of implants and the second phase consists of loading the prosthesis onto the implants.

  • Placement — our dentists will ensure that you are completely comfortable and free from any pain by administering local anesthesia. Conscious sedation may also be considered for patients that are extremely anxious or concerned. An incision made over the soft tissue overlying the jawbone where the new roots need to be inserted initiates the surgical procedure. A surgical flap is raised and a tiny hole is drilled in the jaw for placing the inserts. The titanium roots are thereafter screwed into position by applying appropriate forces.

  • Implant Loading — conventionally an entire prosthesis would be fixed on the new roots with the help of an abutment after the site of the surgery has healed entirely. However, the latest dental techniques are allowing the industry experts to load them in the jaw immediately with a suitable prosthesis. In cases where immediate loading is considered the dentures and their abutments are developed before being placed and immediately inserted after the initial surgery is completed.


Full Mouth Implants Benefits

When compared to conventional prostheses like dentures and bridges, fixed prostheses are beneficial in numerous ways. Given below are a few reasons why:

  • Convenience — This ensures that you can eat and speak naturally and begin feeling just as you used to earlier. The artificial roots must be commended because your new teeth will have a stable foundation for the support they need to give you the ability to chew and speak without encountering any problems.

  • Quick Esthetic Results — conventional options often require several months before a prosthesis can be placed over them. However, an all on 4, 5, 6, and 8 fixed prosthesis can be loaded immediately with new teeth. You do not have to wait for the smile you deserve and can begin enjoying your new teeth in just a single day.

  • Durability — fixed prosthesis is astonishingly durable, unlike conventional dentures that need to be repaired or replaced frequently. If you take care of your oral hygiene according to the recommendations you receive you can very well believe that these awesome inventions will last you a lifetime.

  • Quick Recovery — we ensure that we perform minimally invasive surgery. We keep the surgery to the bare minimum to ensure the procedure is quickly completed and is followed by a comprehensive and speedy recovery.

  • No Need for Bone Grafting — as fixed prosthesis can be placed even where the quality and quantity of the bone is insufficient the need for a bone grafting procedure is eliminated. Generally, the effects of bone resorption are very mild in the front portion of the jaw bone. This makes the two new roots in the front quite stable and effective for retaining the prosthesis. As the ones in the back are usually placed at an angle it is an indicator that they can be placed in cases where there is even less space between the upper and lower jawbone than is normally the case. We can even use mini implants in certain situations for the same purposes.


Full Mouth Implants Phoenix, AZ

At Institute For Advanced Dentistry Implants, our team strives to make sure every patient feels comfortable during every facet of treatment, and ultimately walks out of our office with the smile they desire. We are known for the best, low cost tooth replacement treatment in Phoenix, AZ. Take a moment to give us a call or come by our office, if you have questions about us, dental cost, dental insurance, or Make an appointment to fit your schedule.

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