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Dental Crowns in Phoenix, AZ

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental Crown treatment is a protective cap that is placed on the top of the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength, and appearance. It can be decorative as well and is placed to completely encapsulate the portion above the gums. We offer top-quality dental services to our respected patients, including the creation of the dental cap which has the strength and durability. All thanks to the expertise of our dental care professionals who gives you complete comfort and ease.


Different types

In our office, following different types are available:

  • All-Metal – This type is made entirely of metal alloys. Though they boast wonderful strength and solidity, they have bad aesthetics. So, this type is not used very often and is retained mostly to restore the posterior ones which are usually less visible.

  • All-Porcelain – This type has amazing aesthetics as they are created using the tooth-colored ceramics. Such caps are specifically used for patients who are more concerned about their facial aesthetics and smile.

  • Metal-Ceramic – In this type, the strength of the metal and aesthetics of the porcelain crowns are merged together. They have a metallic alloy framework on which the layer of porcelain has been glued.


We also provide different types based on their intended duration of use:


  • Permanent – Normally, they are used to permanently restore a disfigured or cracked tooth by placing the posts. They are bonded into one place with the help of the dental binder. And it can only be removed by a dentist when there is a need for repair.

Why and When to Cap?

According to our experts, capping is needed when there is a:

  • Restorative requirement

  • Cosmetic requirement

Most of the time, both of the requirements are satisfied at one and the same time. Thus, the cosmetic requirement is also fulfilled while implementing the restorative procedure. It also includes whitening and sometimes, even increasing the length. What’s nice about this procedure is that it doesn’t cause any discomfort or pain to our patients.


Restorative Requirements

We may recommend the restorative treatment in the following situations:

  • Weak Teeth – If any of yours are weak or crooked, it can possibly be treated using this procedure.

  • Following Root Canal Treatment – Sometimes, a restored one, especially after the root canal treatment, may become so weak that even it cannot chew the meal properly. In such a situation, it can be capped by a dental professional.

  • Densely-filled Teeth – If you have one that has been restored using a huge amount of filling but left with little original material, it is quite possible it will not survive. So, it is important for it to be capped.

With the dental crowns, you can restore the ability to speak, chew the food properly, and get your beautiful smile back.


Cosmetic Requirements

  • Aesthetics – They can make the appearance of poorly shaped ones better.

  • Masking Permanent Stains – With this treatment, stains and discolorations can be masked quite easily.

  • Longevity – They can prove to be durable and long-lived and there is a rare possibility of falling off.

Merits and demerits of different materials

  • Stainless Steel – This material is generally less expensive and is available in different sizes and shapes, some even in ready-to-built form too. Usually, this material is used for two purposes: On the baby teeth when a child is prone to decay or for adults when their theirs have been prepared. In either case, the permanent artificial one is prepared in the laboratory.

  • Gold and Other Metal Alloy Based – Gold has been used for quite some time and it is usually combined with other metals to make it more solid and firm. However, other base metals can sometimes be used in place of gold. They possess great strength against wear and can handle the pressure of chewing forces quite well. Gold doesn’t cause any damage to the opposing tooth and because of their strength, the metal alloy of this prosthetic can be prepared having light walls. It is quite useful as less material will be then shaved off. However, metal alloys are typically colored and may not be aesthetically acceptable. Still, they can be used for molars which are less visible in other scenarios. Gold and other metals are good conductors of heat and possibly, the wearer may feel some sensitivity to cold for the first few weeks following the procedure.

  • All-Resin – This is the least expensive material available but they are not really strong. They can be easily cracked and are prone to damage after continuous use over a period of time. Plus, they can be easily stained.

  • All-Ceramic (All-porcelain) – This type can be costly but it can serve as a good choice if aesthetics is the main consideration in your decision. They come with the best color match as porcelain is colorless and shows the natural color underneath. But it is a bad conductor of heat so,the sensitivity to heat/cold can be neglected initially. They don’t have any effect on allergies unlike some other materials. However, they tend to damage faster than most of the other materials. Plus, there is a risk of getting cracked under the chewing forces, especially in the case of bruxism. For such reasons, these caps are prepared thicker, demanding much trimming of enamel. This type of material is usually used on the front ones where aesthetics are more important.

  • Zirconia – If aesthetics is one of your major considerations but you are not concerned about the money, then Zirconium is the best choice. They are the priciest kind, but being semi-transparent, they nicely matches the natural color. As they are metallic, they are less prone to any damage like the ceramic ones. For such reasons, Zirconia is currently getting used a lot and using the CAD/CAM facilities, the zirconia crowns are milled while the patient waits.

  • Made from Porcelain Fused to Metal – Blending the porcelain with the metal (which may be zirconia) helps to get control of the unwanted harshness of the all-porcelain material while still providing a nice color matching to the surrounding teeth. After all-porcelain, this is considered as the best aesthetic option. However, the underlying metal may become noticeable around the gum line if the gum starts to shrink. Moreover, the basic metal, normally a gold alloy, makes the tooth looks less natural. Zirconia foundation can be milled and will be inexpensive than a gold base.



On your first visit to our clinic, your teeth will be prepared for the crown placement. This involves the trimming of the enamel to make place for the cap thickness. After that, the impressions will be taken and sent to the laboratory for construction. As soon as they are received, they are cemented in place on your second visit. If you think that this procedure is going to hurt you, there is nothing to be worried about. The implementation will not be painful in the slightest and you can sit back and relax while the procedure is performed. If zirconium is used, they can be milled using the CAD/CAM facilities while the patient waits. The average time required for the healing process is not so long with the little after-care being required. After quite some time, you’ll get recovered and have a complete choice over what to eat.



The restorative caps come in a variety of prices, typically based on the material being used. For both the technical and cosmetic treatments, you can pay the price that is more than worth the work. Certainly, it means you should find the best dentist near you to give the best outcomes at a reasonable cost. If you are looking to get this treatment, you can find different pricing options in our office that we offer to our patients.


Lifespan and repair

They are prepared using durable material which makes them last more than seven years, and if properly maintained, they may even last forever. However, there are chances for the underlying cement to get dissolved, leaving it loose. If this happens, it may eventually fall off and then, the patient must not force it back on as it may keep the traces of cement inside and affect the tooth. If you have cracked or damaged it, you can always visit our office and can get it repaired. And if it’s severely damaged making it impossible to repair, we’ll replace it with a new one for you.

See our Post-Operative Instructions.


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